Dear participants,

Thank you for joining the thirteenth NordILL-conference in Umeå last week.

You will find links to the presentations under the conference program tab.

Some lecturers have not sent their presentation yet or given permission to publish their presentation, but we will update the website as soon as possible.

Useful Information

Dear participants!

Welcome to Umeå and the NordILL2018-conference 10-12 October.

Here is some information that will be useful for your visit in Umeå.

  • Registration:
    Wednesday, October 10th, 11.00 – 16.45
    Thursday, October 11th, 8.00 – 9.00
    Friday October 12th, 8.00 – 9.00
  • The registration desk will be located at Kulturhuset Väven, Västra Strandgatan, entrance café Fika. First floor, southern building (on the river bank).
  • Excursions start 14.00
    Sveriges depåbibliotek och lånecentral: We will walk, app. 5 min, together at 14.00 from Västra Strandgatan (meeting point: inside entrance café Fika) to the repository library.
    Umeå City Library: meeting point café Fika, 14.00
    Umeå University Library: The bus will leave at 14.00 from Västra Strandgatan (outside registration building) and return to the same location at 16.00
  • Welcome reception at Bildmuseet
    On the Map, you find directions from café Fika to Bildmuseet, a ten minute-walk.
    The reception will take place at Bildmuseet, start 18.00. We will be served some appetizers and get a presentation of the art museum. After that we will be free to explore the exhibitions until 20.00.
  • The Conference will start on Thursday at 9.00 at Vävenscenen, Västra Strandgatan, entrance café Fika. First floor, southern building (on the river bank).
  • There is a cloakroom available. You can leave and pick up your clothes and luggage between 8.00 – 9.00 and during lunch. The cloakroom will be locked during the sessions.

NB! On Friday, the conference starts with a presentation by Mikael Arevius (Gapminder). As a preparation he asks for your participation. Please, go to and use the code 41 91 6 and answer the questions about global facts. Thank you!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and write to

We look forward to seeing you in Umeå!