Anu Alaterä

Anu Alaterä works as a licensing coordinator at FinELib consortium’s office and has been part of the Finnish Elsevier negotiation team.

Mikael Arevius

Mikael Arevius is educator at Gapminder. He has worked in the Swedish educational sector as teacher, curriculum manager and developer of teaching materials. Today, he works at Gapminder focusing his work on developing and understanding on how we crate a worldview and learning practice that enables a better understanding of the world we live in


Ragnar Audunson

Ragnar Audunson is professor in LIS at Oslo Metropolitan University.He is currently project leader of the ALMPUB which is a project with partners from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary. He has written extensively on the social role of libraries.





Susanna Broms

Susanna Broms was previously working as a legal advisor at the National Library of Sweden, mainly with questions concerning copyright. During the years Susanna Broms has given lectures and had seminars on topics of specific concerns to libraries and archives. Today Susanna Broms works as a Deputy Director at the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. Currently she is temporarily appointed secretary in a Governmental committee of inquiry on Archives.
Photo: Georgina Wilson

Dimity Flanagan

Dimity Flanagan is the Scholarly Communications Lead at the British Library. She is responsible for the development and implementation of open access policies, ensuring that OA developments are incorporated into the library’s strategy and services. Before coming to the BL, Dimity worked in university libraries both in the United Kingdom and Australia


Helena Francke

Helena Francke is associate professor of Library and Information Science at the University of Borås, Sweden. Her teaching and research is primarily about scholarly publishing and information practices/information literacy. It spans several library types, as well as the practices of students and researchers. Helena is particularly interested in how open access to publications and research data is implemented in research infrastructures and in the practices of individuals and groups. She combines this with an interest in how people assess the credibility of various types of documents in a digital world.

Dr. Berthold Gillitzer

Dr. Berthold Gillitzer is deputy head of the user services department of the Bavarian State Library. He is not only responsible for the ILL service of the library but also head of the Bavarian Interlibrary Loan Center, leads the Bavarian working group for the further development of ILL services and is part of the German wide working group for the coordination of ILL within Germany. A special concern of his work was the integration of electronic resources within ILL. Other fields of his activity are among others semantic technologies for new discovery services and beacon technology for indoor navigation

Thomas Kaarsted

Thomas Kaarsted is Deputy Library Director at the University Library of Southern Denmark. He is in charge of outreach and societal impact including several strategic projects, including remote access to high schools, Citizen Science, SMART Library as well as Communication.


Claudia Langer

Claudia Langer has been working for subito business office, Berlin, for almost ten years. Set up in a small team she is involved in various processes in the mantainace of one of Germanys major document delivery services including public relations, the realization and improvement of a user friendly customer service and internal communication

Linda Mannila

Linda Mannila is a researcher, social entrepreneur and educator with a background in computer science, education and business. She currently works at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland and Linköping University in Sweden, doing research on digital competence in a school context. She has also founded, and currently runs, the nonprofit organisation Make It Finland, with the mission of supporting digital competence for all through collaboration with libraries and by organising multilingual events open to everyone. In addition, Linda has a long experience of leading development projects, strategy work and training efforts related to digitalisation at schools, municipalities and both public and private organisations

Chris Négrel

Director – Library Solutions, OCLC EMEA.
Based in Paris, France he works with various OCLC teams in EMEA. He is also working the members in the EMEA Regional Council.
Prior to joining OCLC in 2007, he was the managing director of SirsiDynix in France (15 years).
After graduating from the Librarian school of France (ENSSIB) he started working in the field of library automation. This strong background in librarianship and ILSs makes him a strong advocate in positioning OCLC services, and working with large groups, international organisations and National Libraries.

Anne C. Osterman

Anne C. Osterman is Director of the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), the consortium of the 72 nonprofit college and university libraries within the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Anne has worked in many capacities in academic libraries, including as head of technical and access services, acquisitions librarian, and research and data services librarian.  She has a Master’s degree in Statistics from American University and a Master’s degree in Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Svein Arne Tinnesand

Svein Arne Tinnesand heads the Secretariat for Library Development at the National Library of Norway. Svein Arne Tinnesand has a degree in librarianship, and has worked as chief librarian in Randaberg municipality and chief county librarian in Rogaland county. He has also worked as a political advisor for the Socialist Left Party in the Storting, and served as chair of the Norwegian Library Association

Marit Vestlie

Marit Vestlie is a senior adviser at the National Library Norway. She is a librarian with a wide range of responsibilities in the library community. Currently she works as a project manager for The Nordic Library Project, funded by The Nordic Ministry of Culture and organized and run by the National libraries in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The National Library of Norway coordinates the project.

Huifang Xu

Huifang Xu is Head of the Department of Library and Knowledge, Learning Center. National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences